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Franchise Validation

Since 2012, Mrdeck has initiated to achieve the important distinction of being World Class Franchise. The Franchise Research Institute has given this designation of Mrdeck on the basis of positive reviews from MrDeck Franchisees. MrDeck enjoys happy and progressive franchise holders all across USA. The valuable experiences and the positive views shared by our franchise holders are an asset for MrDeck. We have shared some of the videos our franchise holders that are true depiction of their business experience. For those who are interested in getting MrDeck franchise must watch the uploaded videos.

Investment Level

We have set up very modest standards for the initial investment costs as we do not believe in making our franchise holders stressful and under burden of the investment they have made. Our initial investment costs in around $100,000 which includes the franchisee fee. The initial investment cost is a reasonable cost for a small and medium sized business in USA and can be compared to any other business of same level.

If you already own a construction business for patios and decking and looking for the MrDeck franchise name, then $100,000 is quiet a reasonable cost for such contractors and builders. The MrDeck name helps the existing business owners by providing them identity and brand name in the market. The investors do not have to bear high marketing costs in the star as the name is known and popular across the country.

Qualification Criteria

For the success of the new franchise, we have carved a Discovery and Validation Process that ensures that the business endeavor is the right fit for the franchise holder and the MrDeck Outdoor living, For you as a potential franchise holder, we have defined the following qualities in the potential franchise holders

  • Strong Interpersonal and/or communication skills: We do not require any prior knowledge of construction and design but we do want the franchise holders to have strong interpersonal skills that are necessary to convey the benefits of sale. The franchise holder must have knowledge about the design and construction details and be ready to answer all sorts of customer’s queries.
  • Strong Organizational skills: The franchise holders must have strong organizational and management skills that are required to handle multiple projects at the same time. The projects must go smoothly and be finished in the given time frame.
  • Client Service mindset and Solid Work Ethic: We believe in establishing good terms with our clients and making them long-term clients. We strive to find such potential franchise owners who will be able to give due diligence to the work and strengthen the good name of MrDeck. A mindset that follows the professional work ethic is the basic requirement.
  • A passion for outdoor living category: Highly desirable characteristics are the passion to achieve the best in outdoor living and flair of outdoor living design.
  • Acceptance towards the proven system: Acceptance towards the training programs, the marketing techniques, business management processes and construction techniques which are being used by MrDeck since last thirty years.
  • The Required start-up capital: For the success of the franchise, it is necessary to have required initial investment so that all the requirements are met and functions and operations are easily performed.

Information we will need from you

For your ease, we have set up Franchise Recruiting Team who is ready to contact you whenever you require. The team will be ready to schedule the first step in the Discovery Process.

We look forward to hear from you soon and thank you for showing your interest.

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