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MrDeck franchisees enjoy a number of benefits. The key benefit includes the leveraging of the most beneficial practices. The franchisees enjoy the experience and knowledge of MrDeck and can easily increase the profitability and efficiency of local operations. The MrDeck franchisees are spread all over the country and the knowledge regarding the operations can be known and shared among the peer franchisees. One of the biggest benefits for a new franchisee is the information regarding the financial performance and market existence which can be targeted after opening the franchise. The franchisees can bring operational improvements by getting help from the support team. We believe in a targeted and focused approach and promote our franchisees to do the same.

For the new entrepreneurs, it is wise to mention here that a survey based on Bain and Company depict that 84% of U.S businesses are using some form of comparative benchmarking data. This benchmarking data is termed as “best practices” and companies use the information for running its day to day operations and increase the financial performance. For the help of our franchisees, we keep our franchises updated with comparative benchmarking data. For the calculation and comparison of benchmarking data, the following categories have been defined

  • Gross profit and net profit margins
  • Expense management
  • Employee productivity
  • Owner compensation and business profitability
  • Asset productivity (effective use of cash)

At MrDeck, the franchise owners and franchise support team use the information which serve as an important tool for the franchise owners. This helps them in setting goals and priorities which eventually helps them in improving bottom line results. The information helps the franchise owners to form annual budgets, create long term business plans and provide data to raise capital through banking relations. The data is helpful in setting up the future selling price for the franchise owners.

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