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Training Program

For our franchisees we have designed the training programs that are helpful and give the latest information of the market, the systems and processes. The training program is designed around four core processes.

  • Market and Lead generation: Tools and techniques that apply in the industry are introduced to the new entrepreneurs as they are helpful in finding potential clients and lead generation.
  • Design, pricing and sales: We give introduction of the latest designs which are popular and are being adopted by masses around the world. The most appropriate prices are set after having a market analysis. We advise the franchise holders to have concurrency in the prices. Extremely high or low prices create imbalance in the market.
  • Construction and production management : For new comers in the building and construction industry, the introduction to construction and production management is very important which is communicated by our training team.
  • Business and Financial management: A small foundation level introduction to business and financial management is given to franchise holders.

The training program is named as “MrDeck University”. Our team from MrDeck University gives the initial training to the new franchisees. The franchise support professionals in the team are there to help and solve all sorts of issues for the start-ups. We have introduced a variety of mechanisms and channels have been designed to communicate the training programs.

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